How To Use Apple Universal Control?

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Tech

Apple began its annual WWDC event with a presentation that detailed all of the new features coming to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and other platforms later this year. Apple Universal Control is one of the outstanding features coming to the Mac and iPad this year; here’s how it works.

Apple highlighted several updates coming with macOS Monterey this fall, including better AirPlay, SharePlay, Focus, Shortcuts, and some substantial Safari changes.

Meanwhile, iPadOS 15 will include widgets, the App Library, Split View, and Translate. Universal Control mac is a feature seen in both updates.

But what exactly is Apple Universal Control? And how to use apple universal control? Continue reading to learn all you need about the new productivity tool geared for anyone with several Apple devices.

What Is Apple’s Universal Control?

Apple Universal Control
Apple Universal Control

iOS Universal Control easily connects your iPads and Macs. You may share the same keyboard and mouse across several Macs and iPads and combine them into a single workspace using this capability.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping a file from your Mac to your iPad, and the data will be transferred quickly. Alternatively, you may dismiss a notice with the same click.

There’s no magic about it, despite how it may seem. There are a lot of parallels between this and the Sidecar function, which allows you to utilize an iPad as a second screen. However, with Universal Control, the devices may operate independently. 

How Does Universal Control Work?

Apple Universal Control
Apple Universal Control

When two Macs, each running macOS Monterey 12.3 or later, or an iPad, each running iPadOS 15.4, are linked, the system-level capability known as Universal Control is intended to activate automatically. There is no installation required for mac universal control; it works immediately after installing the most recent operating system upgrades.

The proximity between a Mac and an iPad or another Mac signed into with the same Apple ID enables the usage of Universal Control. Then, move the pointer to the other device’s display using the trackpad on one of the devices, and it should go seamlessly from one display to the next.

Assume you own a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. Place the iPad Pro next to your MacBook Pro and browse and text on the iPad using the MacBook Pro’s keyboard and trackpad. If your iPad has a keyboard and input device connected to it, such as the Magic Keyboard, it may be used to operate the Mac.

Each device will continue to run its operating system (macOS on the Mac and iPadOS on the iPad). Still, you won’t need to bring in an additional keyboard or mouse if you want to work with several devices simultaneously.

If you’re experiencing difficulties getting the universal tv remote control to operate, restart both devices after applying the updates.

What Are The Universal Control System Requirements?

Apple Universal Control
Apple Universal Control

Universal Control needs iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3 on an iPad and a Mac. It works with the following devices:

•        MacBook released in 2016 or after

•        MacBook Pro released in 2016 or after

•        MacBook Air released in 2018 or after

•        Mac mini released in 2018 or after

•        iMac launched in 2017 or after, or iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

•        Apple iMac Pro

•        Mac Pro released in 2019 or after

•        Apple Studio

•        Every iPad Pro model

•        Air iPad (3rd generation and later)

•        iPad (6th generation and later) (6th generation and later)

•        Mini iPad (5th generation and later)

The same iCloud account must be entered into on all devices, and the two-factor authentication setting needs to be turned on. For wireless usage, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Handoff must be enabled, and the devices must be within 30 feet of one another.

There can be no tethered use of the iPad’s cellular or internet connection by the Mac. The iPad must be set to trust the Mac through USB for the Mac to access the iPad’s internal storage. All computers must also utilize the same WiFi network, and a VPN cannot be configured. If you use a VPN, it must be switched off for Universal Control to work.

For Universal Control to function, both the Mac and iPad must be within 30 feet of each other and logged into the same Apple ID account. It will not operate across devices logged into different Apple ID accounts.

How To Use Universal Control On Your Ipad And Mac?

There’s nothing special you need to do with apple universal control; it simply works. However, before reaching that point, you must first configure it on each device.

Setting Up Universal Control on Mac:

Before using Universal Control, you must install it on your Mac. Please remember that this feature is only accessible in macOS Monterey 15.3 and later.

  •  Select System Preferences from the dock icon or the Apple menu.
  • Enter Displays.
  • Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the window.
  • When the new page loads, tick the boxes below: Allow the movement of your cursor and keyboard between any close Mac or iPad. One may attach a nearby Mac or iPad by pushing through the display’s bezel. Later, devices will automatically rejoin the first connected device.
  •  Finally, click Done.

Your Mac is now ready to utilize Universal Control with other devices. But first, you must configure those devices!

Setting Up Universal Control on iPad:

Before using ios universal control, you must first configure it on your iPad. Please note that this functionality is only accessible in iPadOS 15.4 and later.

1.       Navigate to Settings from your home screen or App Library.

2.       Select General from the left-hand menu bar.

3.       Scroll down the list and choose AirPlay & Handoff.

4.       Once on that page, activate the Cursor and Keyboard options.

5.       Your iPad is now ready for usage with Universal Control.

What are The Benefits Of Universal Control?

Apple Universal Control
Apple Universal Control

Sidecar was a highly useful feature for Mac users who wished to travel with a portable dual-monitor setup.

An iPad Pro linked to an iPad Air enabled us to move between two programs on the same screen, such as word editing and a web browser or PDF document. It is a tight fit on a single 13-inch screen!

In the case of Apple Universal Control, your iPad may handle your web browser, music streaming program, and anything else you wish to run on it. In contrast, your Mac handles your productivity software and heavy apps like video editors.

It also suggests that you swiftly transmit data between mobile apps and your iOS universal control without purchasing a Mac OS version of the software, provided one is even available.


Now that you’ve installed Universal Control, it’s time to put it to use. This feature is ideal for multitasking, which may boost your productivity.

Even though it took time for macOS Monterey to get the feature, it was well worth the wait. Using the feature seems magical… but it isn’t. Universal Control is just the consequence of some extremely brilliant Apple software.

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