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Yes, it looks incredible! Yes, it was hard work. People will look at your walls and know that you poured your heart out, but before all the hard work comes brilliant ideas that you might think will catch some eyes.

Putting up picture frames on the wall, in a neat arrangement requires some undivided attention, believe me, I am talking from experience. You need to put a lot of thought into it so that it doesn’t look like some work either done in a hurry or without any interest or on a gunpoint. You cannot just randomly hammer nails and hang your frames. The frames, even if put up randomly, have to be in order.

If you are a beginner and are hammering nails for the first time to put up picture frames, then let us start with some basic tips:-

  1. You should firstly cut out the shapes of picture frames you want to hang from paper.
  2. Stick the cutouts on the wall with the help of paper tape in your desired arrangement.
  3. Make sure the space between two frames are equal.
  4. Go back a few feet and take a look to see if you are satisfied with the arrangement.
  5. Stick a UHU Patafix tag on the cutouts where you think the frame hanger(s) will be.
  6. Place your frame on the cutout and take the exact marking of the frame hanger on the UHU tag by pressing on it.
  7. Hammer your nail on that point. Keep the tag on the wall to save it from damage.
  8. If you do not want to hammer nails due to the risk of damaging walls then you should use Command decoration adhesive strips. You can buy it very easily from Amazon.

However, you should read on if you are still stuck on the second step and cannot figure out how to best arrange your pictures. There are so many ways in which you can arrange your memories or your art, maybe some quotes or some flowers, on the wall. The sequence of arrangement may seem traditional or common at times, but the type of materials you use and your own personal touch will surely make it more unique.

So, without any further delay, here they are; some interesting, traditionally trendy ideas to arrange picture frames on your walls.

1. With a single frame

If you don’t want to cluster your wall and are just trying to cover up large empty spaces, then you should use only one but slightly bigger picture frame. You can either be a minimalist and choose an arrangement with neutral colours, or you can add one portrait that will define the whole look of your area, which has a totally opposite colour than the tones used in your room.

Just like in the image above, give a monochromatic look to your setting to achieve minimalism. The idea is to not use overwhelming decorations that feel like a burden on your eyes but to define spaces adding focal points and enhancing aesthetics using one or two neutral tones and one highlighting tone. If you don’t want to blend your picture with your other decorative items then I suggest that you use a bright coloured picture frame against neutral tones of your whole room, something like the picture below;               


Picture credit: Amazon.

Using a single frame on the wall with no other frames or objects like clocks or key-holders etc. will emphasize your piece and make it stand out.

However if you find a certain emptiness in arranging single picture frames then the next few ideas will surely match your taste.

2. With letters or Signs

Beginners like to keep stuff simple but you can always spice things up with a little extra effort. As discussed before you can add your personal touch to your picture frame gallery by adding wall–mounting letters or signs among them. It could be your initials or a quote related to life, relationships, love, family or memories.

With signs and letters your arrangement will look more homely and personalized, the individuality will make it more unique.

The best part is that you can use these in any part of your house, letters and signs are perfect for a baby’s nursery, or a teenager’s room, for your kitchen or bathroom or even outside your house and they are conveniently available on Amazon from uncountable vendors. Click here to buy these from Amazon.

3. With colour coordination

By colour coordination I do not mean your traditional black bordered frames, although the classic will remain classic but now the classic comes with some modern touch. Nevertheless if you decide to use black bordered picture frames anyhow, then you can choose the display items with a specific colour pattern; such as rainbow colours or even a single coloured picture or arranging your picture frame in light to dark shades.

4. With 3-D objects

I find placing 3-D objects like origami butterflies or flower vases a spectacular way to showcase creativity. It looks amazingly pretty and makes a bold impression on your wall, lifting up the whole room and making it more lively. Other than butterflies and vases, you can add mirror, key-holder, motifs, clocks, small guitars and any other thing that you think will suit your picture frames.

Picture Credits: Etsy

Objects other than picture frames don’t need nails and hammer, they can easily stick with UHU tags and for the heavier ones you can use Command strips.

5. With strings attached

Hanging pictures on strings with twinkling fairy lights in a room is in trend. This arrangement calls for a simple and neat diy project. Take a huge picture frame border, –something you can easily get from Amazon– tie strings between its hollow space, attach lots of memories with clips, throw in some lights in the mix and give a magical effect to your room.

Or you can buy these cool LED light clips from Amazon that can hang your pictures on strings for you. Click here to buy them.

6. In a uniformed way

Another one of the classic trends to arrange picture frames is in a uniformed way, that is the border of each frame should be in equal distances matching their heights. Also, it is better to use same sized picture frames.

A twist in this pattern can be made by arranging the frames diagonally or in a zig-zag manner.

Even if your picture frames are not aligned properly make sure that the distance between two frames is equal. However, if the spaces between two frames are not equal then the overall block of arrangement should be arranged in a single line.

7. In a mismatched way

Arranging picture frames in a random manner is the most fun because it gives you more freedom for adjustments and more flexibility means more creativity. You can throw in different shapes and it doesn’t matter that the outline of the whole arrangement is aligned in straight lines.

                            Picture credit: Pinterest

The only rule which needs to be followed like the uniform arrangement is that the spaces between the frames remain equal. This rule of space should be followed to achieve an aesthetic look in your arrangement.

8. Around the corners


Picture credit: Pinterest

Arranging frames around the corners is a smart way to utilize space and looks very pleasing and eccentric. This technique requires a little extra work but it is definitely worth it. There are commonly two ways to arrange picture frames around the corner i) around inward corner and ii) around outward corner.  Usually these arrangements are done on stairs or hallways where there are no other furniture or accessories occupying the space. If you decide to put up this arrangement with lots of other stuff it will look very clustered.

Most of the picture frames shown in this article are easily available on Amazon, so make sure that you visit their website for your own benefit. There are other items too such as some  collage picture frames, family tree picture frames, wooden boards with strings and clips to hang your pictures, whole 5-11 picture frame sets with images of arrangements given on their site. Check them out here.

Last but not least, for the beginners ready with their tapes and hammers, I hope some of these suggestions inspired you and gave you a sliver of idea about where to start from. Although, you can always choose to break the rules and create something new. Happy hammering.